Domaine Laforest
A combination of tradition and modernity.


"Wine resembles man.
We will never know how far it is to be prized or scorned, loved or hated, of how many sublime actions or monstrous crimes it is capable.
Let us not then be more cruel towards it than we are towards ourselves, and let us treat it as an equal."


About us

A family-run estate in the heart of the Beaujolais region.

Ours has been a family-run estate in the heart of the Beaujolais region for four generations. Jean-Marc Laforest took over the existing sharecropping from his parents. The family business has since gone from strength to strength, centring on the sale of bottled wine. Today, the estate covers 20 hectares (49.42 acres) and sells 100 000 bottles of wine a year from our wide range of wines. Both our sons recently joined the estate. Beaujolais is a vinegrowing region set in the south-eastern quarter of France. Here, three climate types meet: oceanic, continental and Mediterranean. These combine to give a temperate climate. The region can be divided into two distinctive terroirs. It extends out from Burgundy at the southern end of the Maconnais region and spreads up to the gateway to Lyon, giving its unique grape variety (Gamay) an explosion of flavours.

793 Route du bois - 69430 Régnié Durette
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